I See Faces in All Places

A new video art work by filmmaker Donald Harrison of 7 Cylinders Studio, featuring the art of Tyree Guyton and The Heidelberg Project, was recently published as part of the University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA)’s Many Voices project. Utilizing handcrafted motion graphics, Harrison combined more than 50 individual video portraits with landscapes and images of The Heidelberg Project for a surrealist exploration of creative possibilities in public spaces.

Live at the Leon Loft

Leon Speakers has hosted some of the hottest live bands in their gorgeous new performance venue: the Leon Loft. This performance by Fitz and the Tantrums is part of the nationally syndicated radio show Acoustic Cafe, by Rob Reinhart, who also interviews the band about their touring and recording process. 7 Cylinders Studio has captured these intimate, outstanding performances along with Big Sky Recordings in Ann Arbor, MI.

HEDRON – Math in Motion

This truncated icosahedron, created by Robert Marshall, measures 7′ 6″ in diameter and consists of 32 panels. It uses two dimensional planes and equilateral shapes to make a symmetric three-dimensional form. This video features Marshall’s geometric marvel set in motion within the rotunda of the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History. Musician Zoë Keating’s “The Path” provides a dramatic score to capture the dynamics of space and movement.