Painting the Town

Many of Ann Arbor’s downtown storefronts are magically brought to life each holiday season thanks to the artistic strokes of The Brush Monkeys—a crew of awesome area artists. This short portrait takes us behind-the-scenes for a fun, colorful peek into their public process, including featured artists: John Copley, Mary Thiefels, Danijel Matanic and David Zinn. Enjoy!

Nurturing our Next Generation of Leaders

The mission of Girls Group in Ann Arbor is simple and so very powerful—supporting girls to become successful young women. This short portrait of Micah illustrates how profoundly these kinds of efforts can help create more inspiring individuals.

What’s Really Going on with Our Water?

The Huron River Watershed Council is one of the country’s leading stewards and protectors of regional water quality. This micro doc features their extensive water monitoring and testing efforts, powered by many community volunteers and partnering organizations.

Voting Matters

We produced this 4-part “How to Vote in Michigan” series for Washtenaw County, as a nonpartisan effort to educate newer voters on the nuts and bolts of the voting system. Participation in politics is important for democracy to function and we were fortunate to have ten fantastic young people from our area help make this series fun and informative!

New Generations of Farming

We were thrilled to get to know Alex Ball of Old City Acres as an illustration of Growing Hope’s Building Blocks program of free, educational workshops aimed at helping newer farmers and food producers build their businesses. Check out those gorgeous radishes!

A Stimulating Cup

See how to make a matcha latte with our friends at Arbor Teas, as part of the how-to series of videos they created with 7 Cylinders Studio.

Standing the Test of Time

This 5-part educational series we created for the Piquette Avenue Plant is part of their latest “secret lab” exhibition (created by Flutter & Wow). Historian Bob Casey knows his way around a Model T!